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Volcanic Sand Face Scrub

Volcanic Sand Face Scrub


A Volcanic black sand that comes from a volcanic beach on the South Coast of Iceland makes this facial scrub so great. Providing a mild yet effective exfoliation, this mineral-rich volcanic sand is naturally alkaline, boosting its detoxifying & anti-inflammatory properties. The base of our scrub is a combination of gentle kaolin clay and a natural liquid Castile soap . Olive oil is then added which creates a gentle lather that won’t dry out the skin allowing the clay and charcoal to wash off the skin . To complete the scrub, a touch of seaweed extract is added. This step is packed with all your skin's favourite vitamins & minerals helping to soothe, soften, and reduce skin sensitivity.

How to use: Wet your face. Gently take a very small amount of scrub and place scrub on both cheeks , forehead and chin. In a circular motion spread and rub gently all over face , avoiding eye area. Do not over scrub. Rinse off when complete.

  • Ingredients

    Kaolin Clay, Natural Castile Liquid Soap, Icelandic Black Sand, Seaweed Extract, Activated Charcoal, Fragrance Oil, Optiphen ( a natural preservative).

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