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4 Benefits of Glycerin

The ever growing popularity of Glycerin (a.k.a glycerol) in the cosmetic world is leaving users with results they’ve been longing for all these years - healthier skin. Unfortunately, if you’ve spent the last few years in the grocery aisles, chucking mass produced square boxes of bar soaps into your cart, you probably are unfamiliar with this natural base. The high quality ingredient - Glycerin - is not often utilized by the cut-cost corporate companies. Ready to find out what your skin has been “itching” for all these years? The 4 main benefits are listed below:

All Natural

Glycerin derives from vegetable oils and/or animal fat. The result is a colorless, odorless, and non-toxic substance which contains a high boiling point and a “gummy” appearance when frozen. Its purity from containing synthetic chemicals makes it perfect for individuals with sensitive skin and/or allergies.


Glycerin is referred to as a humectant. For those unfamiliar with the term “humectant,” it's a shnazzy word referring to one substance that helps a separate substance retain moisture when applied. The glycerin, when applied to the skin, absorbs the moisture from the air and traps it into the epidermis layer of the skin. The result is a healthy water balance within the skin, and a moisturized coating on the out.

Combats Skin Diseases

Glycerin has been known to defend the skin against common skin diseases. One in particular is psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin disease in which skin cells regenerate at 7x the speed of the normal process. The unusually fast rate creates a buildup of skin cells on the outer layer of the skin, as the body is unable to shed the old skin cells at the same rate the new ones are being produced. To the human eye we see this in the red, itchy, irritated, and bumpy patches formed on the surface of the skin. Glycerin helps break down the proteins that lump together to form these dead skin cells. Breaking up these proteins helps rid the old, so your skin can bring in the new. By saying yes to glycerin, you say bye-bye to bumpy, dry, itchy skin.

Skin Appearance

Glycerin gives the skin a healthier and more desirable look. This is largely due to its' moisturizing capabilities which combat dry and flaky patches. Pair this with its ability to maintain a healthy water balance for your skin, and an unhealthy surface doesn’t stand a chance.

Now that you’re nothing short than a expert on the soap base, glycerin, please share your findings with friends, family, and most importantly intimately with your own skin.

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