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 All soap products are vegetable-based glycerin soaps containing only the highest quality additives.. Special care is given to handcraft each bar with  NO detergents and NO parabens. All products made at Soap &  Sensibility are wrapped in Biolefin™, a biodegradable soap wrap capable of breaking down in a way that does not hurt our environment. We hope you enjoy!

Green Promise

Our History

Ever since the foundation of Soap & Sensibility in 2010, our amazing team has focused on creating skincare products with the best ingredients possible. Our company strives to deliver the highest quality, handcrafted skincare products available.

It has been over a decade since our founding, bringing new discoveries about our industry, sparking creative and healthy directions for our company to take each year. 

We remain so grateful to ALL our following who have made our growth possible and supported us through these challenging times. We look forward  to the future; delivering the same high quality glycerin soap & personal care products to you.

Thank you!

Our Future

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