Eleven years have passed since we started

Soap & Sensibility... 


It has been over a decade since our founding, 

bringing new discoveries about our industry, sparking creative and healthy directions for our company to take each year. 

 Our company has truly gone through so much growth & challenge since its' beginning. We continue to evolve and share with all our customers our focus on the skin, the senses, and well-being.

   We continue to choose the finest ingredients for all our handcrafted soap & personal care products.

We remain environmentally conscious; using biolefinTM  

-a biodegradable soap wrap that's good for the environment.


We remain so grateful to ALL our following who have made our growth possible and supported us through these challenging times. We look forward  to 2021 ; delivering  the same high quality glycerin soap & personal care products to you.

Our Sincere thank you!